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How to sell Products Online

Sirius Affiliate/ December 6, 2018/ Creating Wealth/ 6 comments

Hello and welcome to Sirius Affiliate. Today I’m going to be discussing how to sell products online. As many of us are now aware of the internet and the possibilities it holds in terms of finding a product we couldn’t find in the shops and stores in our local area, it’s only natural to wonder how are they doing it,

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How to add value & Engage with potential customers

Sirius Affiliate/ November 30, 2018/ Creating Wealth/ 0 comments

Today I’m going to go through just a few techniques that you can use to begin engaging with potential customers, building rapport, and adding value to their lives and generally building genuine, long-lasting relationships.  What is the point of adding value? Adding value to your potential customers and people, in general, tends to have a positive effect, even in situations where

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