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Hello everyone, welcome back to Sirius Affiliate. It’s been a busy start to the year for me with starting/re-defining new projects and also the ending and beginning of different chapters in my life. Today’s topic is about how to begin thinking like your customer in order to better understand how to reach them and their needs, and as a result help you get the results you’re aiming for in your online business.

Who Are Your Customers?

Maybe right now you’re thinking “Hmm… I don’t really know, I’ve never thought about it.”

So the first step in being able to think like your customers is finding out who they are. There are mainly two ways to can use to do this:

1. Being You can create a profile based on research and your own insights. 2. You can use your product or service to define what needs you fulfill for your customer and use this to help with building a mental picture of what exactly it is that your customer wants help with or is looking for.

In some cases, the customer may not actually be aware that they have a need that your product or service answers, so another key step in understanding how your customer thinks, is engaging with them on a genuine and personal level.

Profile Creation

One way that you can begin to start thinking like your customer is by building multiple customer profiles that define a few of the main types of people that your service or product benefits. As i’m sure we know, using the same unrefined marketing approach on a general audience does not work well. People want to feel noticed, and they want to feel that your product / service can genuinely make a difference for them. This step can be applied with both an online business, or even a sales based day job.

How to create a customer profile:

Goals and Values – What is your customer trying to do or fulfill? What thoughts or values do they strongly stand by?

Source of Information – Which sources does your customer go to for consuming their information and keeping up to date with the news?

Demographic – What age, gender, cultural beliefs, income, employment status, ethnicity does our customer/s belong to?

Challenges and Obstacles – What particular challenges does your customer face in relation to achieving / acquiring what they want?

Objections – Prepare for any objections a customer may have. Think of some reasons why a customer would not buy your product or service? Once answered, you can prepare factual counter-points so that you are ready to help put the customer at ease.

Think Like Your Customer

In the next step, what we need to be doing is using the established goals and values of your customer to shape your marketing strategy. So now that you’ve clarified what the goals and values of your customers are, you can begin to shape your product/service in a way that stands out to your customer by highlighting which of their goals and values it fulfills.

The fact that you are now aware of your customer’s goals opens many doors of clarity to you, mainly that you can now begin to shape/create a product based on the goals and values identified.

You’ll also now be able to Shape your content creation, marketing strategies, and advertising campaigns in a more precise way that is relevant to your customer.

How To Connect With Your Customer.

Using the Customer profile to design how you will market to the customer. Also be aware of what service/product you offer, and which of their needs it fulfills.

We’ve now defined the basics of our customer profile, and hopefully, you’ve created multiple profiles as you will never be selling your product/service to just one specific type of person. Also be aware that your customer profile may need redesigning over time as your goals as an online business change, or the needs and values of your customers may change due to the fact that you’ve now helped them achieve the need/goal they had.

There are many tools available for connecting with your customers, social media being the driving force behind most advertising and online marketing as so many people are on the internet, and day by day the crowd of users grows larger, this means that your base of potential customers is continuously increasing, but so is your competition. So it is important to stay relevant and to keep these things in mind.

A few ideas for connecting with your customers:

Automate: Use a service that can automatically drop a post to your website, or blog, or social media account. This will help you to free up time that would have been spent on more tedious tasks, that can be used for reaching out to your customer and really getting to know him/her on a more personal level. Some services that I use are Hootsuite and WordPress. Both platforms allow you to create and schedule posts to be uploaded immediately, and/or at a later date.

Outsource: Outsourcing work that tends to take up more time than necessary, and therefore limiting the attention you can give to getting the more important tasks. This could be from hiring a VA or hiring an online service/business that will take care of the smaller tasks whilst you focus on things like content creation, and designing a marketing campaign. A great service that I use is Fueledleads, a social media management service. You can find out more about it here.


So in conclusion, I believe that it is our job as marketers, business owners, and salespersons to understand the journey the customer takes through the journey of buying, and to be able to do this you need to get clear on who your customer is, and what they need. You don’t want to make the mistake of bringing a great product or service to the market, just to have it get lost in a world full of new products being released almost hourly, and most are unsuccessful due to bad marketing and no knowledge of their audience.

I hope you’re all keeping a positive outlook so far this year, and that we’re all making progress towards our goals, no matter how small/slow it seems.

If you need help with anything, feel free to reach out on Instagram and Facebook @SiriusAffiliate

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