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Welcome to Sirius Affiliate, today I’m going to explain a few different things you can do in your free time that can result in extra income or an online business that can one day replace your current 9-5 job. It’s very tempting in our modern world to get sucked into spending endless hours on social media, watching TV, and just consuming indiscriminate content that really adds no value to our lives, and more often than not is hardly actually entertaining.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, the human attention span which was for the average person around 12 seconds in 2000, is now down to 8 seconds, and decreasing at a rate of 88% per year. This can all be blamed on technology and its advancements. In one sense some benefits provided by technology are extremely helpful, like A.I. that can pilot big metal tubes through the air, to a hand-held supercomputer. But all of this advancement has come at a cost, our attention span.

Why is paying attention so important?

Imagine yourself in this situation. You’re driving down the road to a doctor’s appointment, you come to a red light and at the same time your phone vibrates. You decide ‘As I’m not moving and the light is red, I might as well check it’ The couple of seconds you take to check that phone means you miss out on the activity on the road ahead and around you, so when you do put the phone down and start driving again, you may have missed something that would have warned you of impending danger, or missed something that will cause you inconvenience, like getting stuck behind a tractor on the road etc. The fact that you were distracted, now means you will be late for your appointment and probably miss it. In which case you’d then have to wait another 2/3 weeks to be seen.

In the same sense, our lack of attention in terms of spending time with each other, attending to our work etc, can have consequences down the line such as missing a promotion because you were not focused during a team meeting, or losing a lucrative business opportunity because someone just texted you a picture of a funny meme, which distracted you from replying to an important email in time.

Social Media Fast

One sense I personally have tried in the past to retrain my attention span is to quit social media altogether. I had at one point gotten so fed up with others, and myself and the sense most people including myself at the time acted in such a fake sense… I soon found that social media was actually causing me a lot of mental pain, and had actually pushed me into depression. Think of it, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you are bombarded with on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat is how amazing other peoples lives seem to be, yet you know your life is nothing near how amazing their life SEEMS to be… the resulting effect is obviously not going to be positive as you will see yourself and look at your life in comparison to theirs, and feel a sense of worthlessness, that simply isn’t true.

So my number one recommendation on how to get more free time is to put down the phone, and social media, for at least the first 30 minutes of your day whilst you boot up and plan your day out. This sense at least your mind is starting the day with a focus on you and your priorities, and feeling great in accomplishing/completing goals you set for yourself. Instead of constantly comparing you to the very UNTRUE depiction of everyone’s perfect (fake) social media life.

This doesn’t mean you should think everyone on social media is fake, you can still take inspiration from others and their success, but just don’t compare yourself to the polished moments of their life, compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Because you don’t know what your social media idols are dealing with in their personal life, you only see what they want you to see. And it’s not worth sacrificing your mental health for. The direct benefit of this fast is that the time you would have spent on your phone doing unimportant scrolling, can now be directed into areas of your life that need addressing, or simply just staying present and in the moment.

Get out in nature

Getting out in nature, going for daily walks, and mountain biking have all been highly beneficial to me. I remember when I first decided to go out for a walk. It felt super weird, and almost like I was breaking some kind of law surrounding being a “stereotypical black teenage boy”. However, the further I walked, and the more often I did it, I came to realize that I literally have nothing to prove to anyone, not even my “friends” at the time. And it was actually a result of this empowering realization that caused me to fully commit to me and my well-being. Because if I can’t take care of me, how can I possibly take care of anyone else in a true and meaningful sense?

Needless to say, I lost a lot of the “friends” I had at the time, with some of them sticking around to get what they still could from me in terms of someone to drive them around. However, once they noticed I no longer needed or wanted their approval/validation they began calling me “a crazy voodoo ni99a” and just dissing me. However, that was one important lesson to learn, I that most people around you are only there for what they can get from you, not what they can give. And I simply didn’t want any part of that mindset anymore.

Over the following months I became more confident in myself, and my decisions, I started to build up greater levels of self-discipline which helped propel me to where I am now, and to where I am headed. In nature, you also get a feeling of being connected to something greater than just yourself and your personal involvements, and this is something I’m sure that humans at their core want. To feel connected to, and accepted by another without judgment or expectation.

You may ask, how does this help me get more free time? Well, think of all the unnecessary people, things, and situations that were taking up your time, energy and attention before… All of that energy and time can now be put into the project or dream you’ve been delaying or put into spending time with those who truly matter to you.

Just as the wave is not separate from the ocean, you to are connected with and a part of everything that goes on.

Heal yourself

There is a lot to be said for healing yourself, it comes under many terms you may have heard of such as spiritual alchemy, personal development, Calcinatio, ascension, awakening, connecting with God, introspection, shadow work and many other phrases all describe the same thing in my opinion. It is the process of uncovering all the repressed emotions, trauma, and hurt that directly affects your daily behaviors, habits, reactions, and quirks in ways we are initially just unconscious of.

It’s quite a tricky concept to explain so have a look at this picture for some clarification.

Some people will see a therapist or counselor to help them unravel their issues whilst others like myself are able to figure it out more on our own by making use of hints provided in dreams, and synchronicities/ “coincidences” in our waking life. I know have personally gained and continue to learn so much from myself as a result of this, and the deeper I dive and the more I heal, the more energy I have available to focus my attention to the things I desire instead of being paralyzed by an overthinking monkey mind that sabotages every good thing I want to do.


Overall the best sense to get more free time to spend time with your loved ones, or spend more time on that project you’ve been procrastinating with, or even beginning to take steps to create and manifesting your dreams, is to work on yourself. Focus on yourself, as selfish as that may sound, it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future, especially in your early to mid-twenties. When you begin to reconstruct and integrate the parts of you that have been dismantled over years of simply just experiencing life, your life begins to make more sense, you begin to make more sense to yourself and others, and a great benefit of this is that you’re not wasting so much time stuck in your head, second-guessing and questioning everything. You become an empowered being of action, who has faith and trusts that no matter what happens or who leaves, that you’ll be alright and in the end, you’ll make it.

So take care of yourself first, and then all else will begin to flow as it really should for you. It may not be an easy process, but If you EVER have any question, or simply need someone to talk to that’ll listen to you without judgment drop a question in the comments below. You can also reach me on Instagram at SiriusAffiliate, and the same on Facebook.

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  1. The greatest compliment you can pay someone is to pay attention and really listen to what they have to say. I have often struggled with this as I listen to reply and do not listen to understand. This has been a struggle for a long time to change this. 

    I like that you have highlighted the roll social media has played in diminishing our attention span as we are constantly bombarded with images that we loose focus quickly. We can portray any life we want on social media but we we always remain unhappy if we compare our ‘behind the scenes’ with someone elses ‘highlight reel’ that is their social media account.


    1. 100% I can agree that comparing ourselves to others in that way is and can be very detrimental to us. 

      I often advise others that struggle with paying attention to others in conversation is to watch a few videos on YouTube on body language, and use the newly learnt info  in your day to day interactions to help fully immerse you into what they are saying and haw they are feeling about it. 

      Hope that helps. 

  2. Woow, amazing article on how to spend free time. Actually lately I’ve been on social media fast didn’t even know I’ll come across this content. I discovered social media has been a waste of time to me because if it’s not making money, then it’s not making sense. There are several ways I’ve learnt to make money online but social media is really eating up my time recently I removed Instagram from my phone to reinstall it after 6 months so I could finish up all my pending projects. 

    Thanks for the share and thanks for helping someone with this post.

    1. Hey Lok, 

      I’m glad you were blessed by my post, I can definitely say that doing a social media fast to help you focus on your projects and immediate goals, It can be a useful tool in networking and building new genuine connections, that being said it is extremely easy to get sucked into mindless scrolling and tapping away. 

      I wish you well in your journey and achieving your goals.

  3. I absolutely resonate with your post.

    I have spent the last 7 months in Cha-Am in Thailand on a beach front resort and every day I make a point of completely disconnecting from all devices for an hour or two and just sit on the beach front having lunch.

    It is so peaceful.

    The world can wait in these moments, my brain needs me!

    One of the things I did last year was to reduce the amount of friends I have in Facebook from 3000 to about 270 people.

    These are real friends that i know and in some way actually talk with or connect with.

    This removed so much useless chatter it was incredible.

    I also took time to unsubscribe from tens of email subscriptions that were bombarding me every day. Not only were most of them tempting me with some kind of money sucking offer, but the sheer time it took to check and elete all this emal every day was overwhelming.

    Now I get maybe 3 or 4 emails a day!


    Social media can be an important way to keep connected, but somehow the more I use it the less connected I feel.

    I remember when we used a phone to actually make a phone call!

    Loved your post it made for a great read…

    Now I am off to the beach!


    1. Hey Tim, 

      Thanks for reading, and i’m glad you were able to resonate with me.

      I just googled Cha-Am and it looks absolutely beautiful! I’m glad your out enjoying and living your best life…

      Its lovely to disconnect and just be completely present in the moment, I recall back to my holiday in Andalucia earlier this year and it just makes me smile. 

      Yeah i’m in the process of actually downgrading to a more purposeful device, and even get an mp3 player just to listen to music when i’m out as that’s all I really use my phone for. 

      Enjoy your stay in Thailand, and I hope to hear from you again Tim!


  4. Hi Admin; I have read through your wonderful discoveries, and it is an awakening.  So many times Social Media have held many people captive. Crippled from a normal life without them knowing it.

    Your findings to take care of yourself is a powerful experience, as we often get caught up in doing many things except doing our selves the favour that can move us into Mind and body health and awareness.

     The first thing that we do in the morning can determin the rest of the day’s activity. Thanks for sharing your discovery that is so helpful to all who read your post.


    1. Hi Dorcas,

      Thanks for your feedback, Although it was rough at times, and I sometimes questioned whether I was actually just going crazy, however I stuck to it and it continues to pay off. Have a blessed weekend!

      P.S you can call me Rich

  5. hi  Sirius 

    good morning i read yr post it was interested and i agree with y …now w are working with something we love.

    i love yr post i readed ,,,we are in same boat ,,,i am also retired and i look for working online …

    i wish y great time with WA…

    merry christmas

    best regards



    1. Hi Laia, 

      Thanks for reading, It’s always nice to meet kindred spirits like yourself that think and feel the same. 

      Have a merry Christmas!


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