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Hello and welcome to Sirius Affiliate. Today I’m going to be discussing how to sell products online. As many of us are now aware of the internet and the possibilities it holds in terms of finding a product we couldn’t find in the shops and stores in our local area, it’s only natural to wonder how are they doing it, and could you do it too? Well, the answer is yes, and I’m going to provide you a basic guide that’ll help get you started with learning how to sell a product online.

Decide on your Niche

The first step, as with any business is to decide what segment of the economy/market do you want to target? Another way to phrase this question is “what are my interests and passions?” once you begin asking this question you’ll eventually start to find that ideas and interests pop into your mind. You must give attention to these ideas, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, as it might not be relevant at the starting point you find yourself at, but it may come in very useful at a later stage. My advice is to keep a pen and a notepad within arms reach at all times. This way you are ready to write down any ideas or inspiration that comes to your mind and build out on it.

What products/services do you want to sell?

The next step after deciding on and finding your niche is what do you want to sell? Do you have a product you create that people in your chosen niche are in need of? Do you have a skill or service that you could leverage? If you answered no to those questions then do not worry, as there’s an abundance of products and services you can sell online, you just need to do the research to find them. One great place to start would be Clickbank. They have an absolutely enormous library of products, services, courses and many other things that you can sell as an affiliate.

As you can see there are many categories to choose from which then break into sub-categories where you can narrow down your focus to find products and services suited to your niche. You can also list your own products/services on the site for other affiliates to begin promoting them.

Build a website

This is the next step and is vital that you get it right if you want to have a business that attracts converting customers. I’m sure we’ve all had e-mails, or adverts pop-up advertising something that seems interesting, but when you click on the link and go through to the website you meet a very bland, almost ugly site layout that you can’t scroll through and are forced to watch a video of unspecified length (usually more than 30 mins) to then unlock a certain gift or prize that you really weren’t interested in and has no practical value to you. This is exactly what you want to avoid doing. You need to think of your site from your customers point of view. What things do the people involved in your chosen niche like to see? What would hook their attention and get them to engage?

This mindset of catering to your customer’s needs rather than just the expanding of your pockets is the key to your success in creating a site that causes customers to engage and want to spend more of their time looking for what you have to offer.

If you’re a little lost in terms of how to get started creating a website, you can join wealthy affiliate for free today. At wealthy affiliate, you get access to a free training course on how to start your online business and have access to a site building platform that will allow you to build up to two professional looking websites for free.

Click Here for an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate

Create Awareness

The next step is to create awareness in your target audience. How can you create awareness?

The first step is to try to think of your customer as a person who is wandering around, going about their daily life, and there is a specific area of their life that they need help, advice or some new service that you specifically offer. This will help you to get in the mindset of leaving signs and paths that will lead your potential customers to your site/ blog/ socials account.

This can be done in a number of ways, you can do this by word of mouth, just starting conversation with people you meet on a daily basis, passing out business cards, dropping flyers, attending networking events, and simply making recommendations to people that express a need or problem that you have solutions for. You can even create a Facebook group if you know how to scale and manage it.

This will help you really get attention and start to build up a more dedicated base of customers and potential customers, who can over time become fans that write raving reviews, and make recommendations to the people they have reach and influence with. If you don’t know how to, or simply don’t want to make a Facebook group, you can join a few groups that are related to the niche you are targeting, and just use this as a way to reach out to people. Offer them advice and help by leaving comments, and you can also plug your own site/services (but make sure the group you join allows this) as there are a lot of groups that don’t like people promoting/ recruiting.

Another really good way would be to join Whisper, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, the list goes on and on. If you would like to learn how to use these platforms and would like me to make a post about this please drop a comment below and I will be happy to shed more light on this aspect.

You can also CLICK HERE to check out a post I made on how to engage with customers and add value.

Advertise & Market your site

The final step in selling a product online is to advertise and drive consistent traffic to your site. There are quite a few ways to do this now thanks to the internet. I’m sure that the traditional methods of posters and flyers can still work, but depending on your chosen audience it may be easier to redirect the energy to online advertising methods.

Facebook Ads – A great, and really quite easy way to run paid ads on the social network site, that will target your specific audience, and potentially reach others you may not have yet considered. It isn’t the cheapest option but compared to old school methods like posters, and billboards it is definitely worth the investment, especially as people mainly live their lives online now.

Instagram ads – Ads on Instagram work pretty much the same way they do on Facebook (as Instagram is owned by Facebook), so it is a tremendous way to capture your audience’s attention with visually appealing campaigns, and content that triggers emotions.

Paid to click – There are quite a few paid to click services available to businesses looking to advertise their website/service/products. They will charge you a certain amount, and for this amount, they put the ad in front of their audience who then click on your adverts for incentives, and may find a product of interest (yours!!). Click Here for my review of Neobux, a paid-to-click service.

Something to remember: ‘Nobody reads ads, people read things that interest them, and sometimes they happen to be adverts.’ Keep this in mind when creating your adverts, you want to ensure they are relevant and moving.


Learning how to sell a product online is not as daunting as it may first appear to be, as long as you study the correct info, and get help from the right people & sources along the way, your journey will lead to successful results. Just stay patient, focused, and consistent.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to drop a comment below, alternatively, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram @siriusaffiliate.

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  1. Hey there! How are you doing? I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on” How To Sell Products Online” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of useful information. I have a question when it comes to the Advertising & Marketing aspect of the website. Is it true that when you start running ads on Facebook, do they also show up on Instagram? Does this really happen?

    1. Hi AV, 

      Yes this is true. They will show up on both networks. It’s quite easy to do, all you need to do is add instagram/facebook to the campaign you’re running and the ads will be shown on both social sites. 🙂

  2. deciding a niche can be the hardest part about this all, but once you do and you find a passion in it, you are set then. Keeping it all within the niche you picked is difficult, you can lose track and get carried away. Building the website is my most enjoyable part 🙂

    1. Yep I agree, finding the Niche can take a while, and sometimes you’ve gotta go through some trial and error. But building the site is definitely the fun and exciting part!

  3. Thank you so much for this article, it is really helpful I have always wanted to sell some goods online after reading this article i now know how to do that and how to attract lot of visitors that will purchase my goods online. Thank you for this article once again it has been really helpful. I will definitely share it with my friends and family i believe this might also help them.

    1. Hey man, 

      I’m glad you liked the content and found value in it. Best of luck in selling your products, and stay tuned for more useful info. 

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