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The end of 2018 approaches, and with it being Christmas season, I’m sure a lot of people are running around doing whatever last minute shopping they need to do as usual. Others might be looking for ways to get a little extra cash in anticipation of boxing day and new years sales, or simply to have a little more disposable income for their trips & getaways.

Today i’m going to introduce you to one method that you can start using today, and even be earning in your first 10 minutes. With NO SIGN UP COSTS!

Hmm… Tell me more.


Basically what you will be doing is user testing. You’ll be given tasks and asked to do a commentary on the tasks as you go along, expressing your genuine thoughts and feelings. For example, you may be asked to go through the steps of booking a holiday on a holiday price comparison site, and whilst you navigate through the site you verbally express the thoughts and feelings you have using the site, whether or not the site is intuitive, and if the features you expect to find are easy to find etc. You’ll then submit your feedback, and payment will be processed.


Well, firstly you’ll need a laptop, or at minimum a mobile phone/tablet device. Operating systems Android, Windows, and Apple are all acceptable. You’ll also need a pair of headphones with a mic, and also have access to a quiet environment in which you can make use of the mics built into your device (if you don’t have earphones/headphones with a mic). The next most important thing you’ll need is a stable internet connection, preferably over wifi as using your data for this may cause it to be used up rapidly. Finally, you’ll also need a PayPal account to receive payment for your work.

Yours doesn’t need to look this fancy.


Now what you have to do is head over to their site, and follow these instructions, and you should be ready to go in just 5 minutes!

  1. Head over to
  2. Create an account, using your PayPal mail (or other if more convenient).
  3. go through the verification steps for your account.
  4. Now that you’ve verified your account, go to the home page.
  5. On the menu bar of the home page, you should see an option named ‘My Profile’. Click on this.
  6. Now you’ve entered all the required details on ‘My Profile’, you can head back to the home page by clicking on ‘Available Tests’.
  7. You should see a few available tests now, and all you need to do is click ‘Take Screener’, and follow the next steps for completing the test.
  8. Once the test is complete you’ll submit a few written answers, and then you’ll upload the recording of your test. (the screen recording is provided  by usertesting themselves.
  9. Wait for payment.


As with any other situation in life there are pro’s and con’s. These factors can become immovable roadblocks/deterrents, or serve as external sources of motivation and urgency. So now i’ll list out a few of the pro’s and con’s that I personally have noticed.


  1. A steady flow of new tests and opportunities.
  2. Very easy and simple to use. Very little technical experience/knowledge is required.
  3. Can be done from anywhere, as long as it’s quiet.
  4. No time limits, or targets to hit.
  5. Opportunity to take part in survey’s with bigger payouts (up to $90 for a slightly longer & more detailed review)
  6. Reviews take a maximum of 25 mins to complete, (30 mins for more detailed reviews).


  1. Payment takes exactly 1 week to be sent. Payment is sent exactly 1 week after the moment of completion (down to the second).
  2. You may have fewer opportunities to do tests depending on your specific circumstances/ options you declare in your profile. But this doesn’t mean you should lie about any of the choice options.
  3. Your email might be bombarded by notifications of newly available tests. But these notifications can be turned off, or set to a bell that chimes on your desktop only.
  4. You may not meet the criteria for each test opportunity. But that is normal, and you shouldn’t count this as your main source of income anyway.
Decisions Decisions… What’s to lose by giving it a try? Plus its FREE!!


For myself, usertesting has delivered exactly what you expect. Although the opportunities for tests are plentiful, bare in mind you won’t qualify for every single test, but the ones you do qualify for, you will be paid for upon completion, without failure. Just ensure you provide a clear, and detailed review to the best of your ability and you’ll be on the way to easily making the extra disposable income you need for the holidays or life in general.

SiriusAffiliate Approves!

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