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I assume that by now if you have found your way here you’ve probably seen all the ads on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook claiming that you can leave your job and work from anywhere on your laptop.


Yeah that was my reaction as well…

So after doing some research of your own looking at multiple videos on YouTube, reading through threads on Reddit, Twitter and even Steemit you have satisfied yourself that it is actually possible to create residual income online, and eventually achieve financial freedom… If that’s your goal, but I’m going to assume that it is.

I guess that you were excited by the concept of being able to make money while you sleep, but like myself when you clicked on the links to some of the offers, training & webinar or free e-book, you were swiftly met with shock and disappointment at the sight of a course or mentoring program costing in excess of £/$500, Or an e-book that you glanced at once and it was forever lost in your downloads folder, never to be remembered.


Let’s be real here, we all have those books we bought that are still sitting unopened on a shelf somewhere completely forgotten…

So you dump the idea, telling yourself it’s bogus or a scam and you continue on with your life… Another 3 – 6 months drag by of you taking crap from your boss, working with irritating colleagues, struggling to pay off debts and having no money to go out and travel to that place you’ve always wanted to see or drive the kind of cars you want to drive, you begin to think again “what about this passive income thing… maybe I missed something or just found the wrong info, maybe I’ll try again”

So you get home from work frustrated and absolutely fed up with the grind. You pick up your phone or turn on your computer and start searching “How to create residual income streams”…

And now you’ve arrived here, well I am going to explain some of the ways that you can create passive income online. You should be aware that passive income just like anything else on earth that is the worth effort, it takes time, patience and consistency to get going (something I sometimes slip up on myself).

Once you have the income flowing, you can only increase the flow and add more streams from there and the only wy is up, IF you follow the right strategy.

What Are The Ways To Create Passive Income?

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply is a marketing system where a business or individual pays someone for any visitors or customers bought to the product/service from affiliate’s marketing efforts.

How can you get started in affiliate marketing? Well, there are a few things you will need to begin thinking about so that you can have a direction to move in. I’ve made a blog post that outlines how to start selling products online which you can read here.

In Short, you need to find a niche that you resonate with or have some interest in, and then search for products or services that you yourself use, or would use that have affiliate partnerships available. Usually, you would have to join the service before being able to promote it.

There are, however, other platforms like ClickBank, that offer a catalog of products & services that you can choose from to start marketing and earning from today without having to purchase or subscribe to the service yourself. I would caution against this as a long term strategy as these types of products may be successful for a while but if you are looking to establish authority and trust with your customer, it is always best to be a current user/subscriber of whatever you promote. 

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can read about a platform I myself use and have learned a lot of invaluable knowledge from here.


Starting a blog is a great and simple way to create residual income from home by simply just writing about your life and your experiences and your interests/hobbies. The general idea behind it is to create content around yourself/your life or an interest of yours and then start driving readers who will turn into eventual fans of your content.

Once you have built up a steady flow of visitors to your blog, you can run adverts on your blog that pay you every time someone clicks on the ad.

Another option is to use your blog to promote products/become an affiliate as mentioned in the previous section.

You can also sell products, guides, and e-books that you have created or create an online shop that is connected to your blog to sell products that are essential to your lifestyle or hobbies. 

Youtube & Vlogging

This works very similar to blogging, the only difference being that you are making videos around your lifestyle, or hobbies and posting to YouTube, D-tube, IG TV, or even Snapchat. Once you begin to gain a consistent flow of visitors to your channel or account, you can begin to run ads that will pay out for views, clicks or sign-ups. You can also use these as platforms to promote products or services that you provide/create. 

Instagram & Facebook - Growth Services

Instagram growth Services are a great way to create a residual income online. A lot of people are using Instagram and Facebook as great tools for  promoting and marketing their start-up brands, products, services and much more! There is a host of undiscovered uses social media in terms of the ways people can earn money and promote their visions.

A great way to monetize your Instagram account is to use become an affiliate with an Instagram growth service. A great one that I use myself is called FueledLeads. You get a lot more than just a service to promote as there is training and helpful tips available on how to optimize your use of the service. You can read more about FueledLeads HERE.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping simply put is selling a rpoduct that you do not physically sock. You would basically advertise a product you found on Alibaba, Aliexpress, or Amazon Associates, and anyone who purchased, you would then transfer the delivery details with the correct payment amount for the goods to the manufacturer and the customer would then get their goods. However it does work slightly different with amazon associates as their system works more like affiliate marketing.

This was an extremely simple way of describing what I understand so far about drop shipping and how it works, I personally do not do it myself as my focus is on blogging and soon I will be uploading vlogs of my trips, adventures and hobbies etc, more on that in the future…. However, I do believe that drop shipping is a very sustainable and rewarding business model if done correctly. You can read a full guide on how to get started here if you are interested. 

Shout-out to ... For This Stunning Photo.
Shout-out to ... For This Stunning Photo.


In reality, I believe there are many ways of creating passive/residual income streams online that are perfectly legitimate, and can actually help you create financial freedom if you are patient and stay consistent, and always stay hungry to learn more and expand your knowledge & expertise in your field, and life in general.

The internet, especially social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat is where you need to focus your efforts on creating a successful business in the upcoming years. Things are changing rapidly due to technology, and only those with a keen eye, and ability to adapt and change at a moments notice will survive the new upcoming economy and marketplace. 

Thanks for reading,

Sirius Affiliate

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