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Today I’m going to go through just a few techniques that you can use to begin engaging with potential customers, building rapport, and adding value to their lives and generally building genuine, long-lasting relationships. 

What is the point of adding value?

Adding value to your potential customers and people, in general, tends to have a positive effect, even in situations where a person is completely uninterested in what you have to offer at that moment, they may go away and find at some point down the line that they are now in need of help that you can offer, or someone that they know may need what you offer and they will then recommend your service/product. 

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I know from personal experience that whenever someone offers me something of value for free I automatically feel obliged to return the favor by at least listening to what they have to say/offer. Although I may not be ready to take the offer at the time it was made, I’ll still go away and remember the gesture that was done to me and will keep that person in mind for if I ever happen to need their service or know someone that does in the future. This is also a basic law of nature and physics “for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction”. 

This may not be true for every single person you interact with, as some will just be completely uninterested. However, you shouldn’t take that personally as people have their own issues and struggles and it may be as simple as that person is having a bad day and is not in the mood to lend an ear. 

So How do I offer/add value to my potential customer? 

This is the great thing about working online and being a part of this whole digital revolution. There are a myriad of ways to do this online, however today i’m going to focus on just a few of the more popular methods. 


One very new platform that a lot of people are not ware of is ‘D-tube’. In a nutshell, D-tube is the less restricted and censored version of YouTube. Granted it is still in it’s early days, however there is much potential in the future, and if you’re a content creator that has been anxious about posting on YouTube from fear of simply not being seen among so many other channels, D-tube is the place or you to go to engage with a very unique, genuine, like-minded audience,  that love to help out and share their interest.

Give it a try!


I’m sure we’ve all heard of YouTube by now, it is probably the best known free online streaming services, you can make videos explaining your products or service, share tips, info, and engage with viewers and potential customers in the comment section whilst building a loyal fan-base along the way. 


Free E-books are a great way to add value to potential customers and people in general. I know that many times I’ve been offered a free E-book, I’ve taken the offer because I know that I can always learn something new that can help me on my journey of creating and expanding my online business. E books are also free to make, all it takes is a little creativity, some experience & knowledge on the subject you’re teaching on, a word processor, and the use of a tool to convert your document into a downloadable & secure PDF. 


Podcasts are a newer way to engage with customers, especially if your niche is a much more specific group, and you want a more personal way to engage with them. There are lots of podcast software services available, some for free, and these can be found by doing a simple google search. 

Social Media 

Social media is really good for engaging your audience, more so if your target audience’s age in their late teens, early/mid 20’s and 30’s. Don’t take this to mean that you can’t reach a more mature audience on social media, as they definitely engage as well, however the younger audiences tend to be more absorbed by their social media accounts and the things they see, as people become more prone to make purchasing decisions based on appearance and emotion. So it’s a great way to target your specific niche and really engage with your audience. Common social media tools include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. However, there are new networks constantly being developed so keep an eye out for the next big opportunities as well. 


Blogs are probably one of the oldest and most reliable ways to engage with your audience online. You can do so many things with a blog, and its great if you enjoy writing and expressing yourself and your creativity through words. You can add videos to your blog, you can add free material available for your visitors to download, and so much more. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself, your mindset,  what you want to do, and how you go about doing it. 

When used correctly these tools can lead to great connections and generate a lot of traffic (potential customers, business connections & life friendships) to your website, blog, or social media account. You never know where things can lead to over time as a result of you putting positive energy out into the world and lives of others. 

Build a genuine rapport and relationship

Become genuinely involved with your audience concern & familiarize yourself with them and their struggles, their fears and worries, their pain points and objections. Not just for the sake of getting them to purchase later on, but so that you gain the trust and respect of your audience. Care for your audience as if they were your close friends, but as well be aware that people come and go all the time. Your point is to add value to their lives regardless.  This will also have the effect of you begin able to improve your products and services as you are now more aware of the precise struggles faced by your audience and can provide insight and guidance to them. 


In conclusion, you want to look at your whole online business and services as a lifestyle, and a way to express yourself to the world. Not just as a way to make money, because people are usually able to feel when someone is just trying to promote something to get money out of their pocket without concern as to whether the person even needs or wants the thing they are trying to sell, they’ll tend to mistrust a person if this is the case. You’ll also eventually get bored,  and find it much easier to quit at the slightest hurdle /inconvenience.

When your audience knows and trusts you, it gives you a lot more leverage and influence not just with them, but with your whole niche. This can lead to being able to create a whole community and lifestyle around your brand/business and can open opportunities that you never expected. 

If you have any questions or simply want to bounce some ideas off me, please feel free to comment below. Alternatively you can find me on Instagram @SiriusAffiliate and the same name on Facebook, make sure to like our page as well!

Until Next time

Sirius Affiliate. 

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