Hello, and welcome to Sirius Affiliate, here I hope to help others realize their potential by using an online business to fuel their dreams, passions, and lifestyles. I hope you find my guidance and information on building an online business using affiliate marketing as a steppingstone to reaching your greater desires and fulfilling your lifelong dreams. 


I grew up in the Trinidad living with my grandparents in a relatively quiet rural village on the east of the island. There was an abundance of mango trees around which I always enjoyed picking ripe fruit from, and sometimes even half-ripened fruit to make a spicy local delicacy called “chow”. During my time of playing in my grandparents large garden, I would occasionally see jumbo jets flying miles above my head and I would become enthralled by the way they moved so smooth and effortlessly through the air, and I had always likened that to the way I envisioned my life as an adult. So I guess you could say I’ve always had my head in the clouds. 

I then moved to England with my little brother to live with my mum just before I turned 7, and it was a MASSIVE difference compared to the relaxed, laidback lifestyle I had grown accustomed to in Trinidad. In primary school, I and my brother were the only two black kids, and it definitely took a while to mentally adjust to being in such a different landscape, however, I made friends quickly, and a year later met one of my oldest friends when he moved here from Italy. 

10 years later after finishing my homeschooling and the first year of college, I decided to take a gap year and go into the workforce. My first job was selling travel insurance to people going on holiday in Europe. Now being 16, and just about the only person besides one of my closest friends who also worked there, I felt like I was making a lot of money relative to my other friend’s that were still at college or working part-time jobs. 

This filled me with a lot of excitement (more likely infatuation), but it also awakened an earthshattering question in my mind, that has proceeded to completely transform my life, and continues to do so till this day. 

What was the question?

The question that came up was something like; ‘Yeah I’m making nice money, and yeah I’m able to buy nicer and more expensive clothes than some of my other friends, but is this really fulfilling me? Would I really be happy to spend my whole life trading my time for crumbs of money, whilst someone else reaps the benefit of my labor? In other words, why spend my time doing work that 1. Can EASILY, and inevitably will be done by an automated intelligence system. and 2 only adds meager money to my pocket and stresses me out, whilst someone else reaps a massive profit from hiring me. Surely I can find a way to make money on my own terms and if possible do it whilst working from home?


The reason I want to help others is because the realizations triggered by that question in my mind seemed to be mirrored amongst almost everyone I saw on a daily basis, but they seemed to cover it up with a mask of  “at least you’re getting paid” or “could be worse” and many other “worker phrases” I’m sure you’ve heard. They would say this off the back of throwing shade at their managers, or coworkers, whilst expressing their disgust for the work they were doing. I would wonder, ‘why don’t you do something about it?’.  Sometimes I’d secretly rage at them until I realized I was actually doing the same thing that I hated to hear and see from them. So I decided to quit my job and find a way to start my own online business.


The goal of my website is to help others find their passion and dive into the possibilities that are out there waiting for them (without having to take the hardline, offroad path that I chose). I want to help others that are struggling internally like I once was, to see and deal with their inner turmoil directly by taking the action to transform their mindset and their life situation, and then to start living from a more authentic, and self-fulfilled place. I also want to help guide others in using their hobbies and interests to create passive and/or active income that will fuel their journey in creating their own personal success and escaping the 9-5 rat race. 

“To know the road ahead, ask those on their way back” – Chinese Proverb

It’s not an overnight process, nor is it “easy” but usually if we remember that the hardest challenges lead to the most beautiful destinations and results, and with patience, dedication and persistence we can all achieve our goals. I and many others are by your side on this journey, you have all of the support and advice you need on your journey to success and personal freedom. 

With that said if you ever need a hand coming up with ideas or if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Alternatively, follow me on Instagram for daily content and helpful info, you can also DM me there with any questions or ideas you have @siriusaffiliate. 

All the best,



  1. Hello Antonio. This was an interesting read and I had a good reading through. I like your vision and just like you I have always kept my head above the clouds!

    Being financially free is creating your own Profitable business and helping others do the same without having to trade your for penny working for some one who could end up firing you!

    Keep pursuing your dreams… You surely will over take it. Much success bro.

    1. Hey Barry, 

      Glad you enjoyed reading, I definitely agree that being financially free includes helping others along the way, we’re all human and we all need a little help, or inspiration every now and then. 

      Thanks, and blessings to ya!

  2. Been able to escape the rat race is a dream for a lot of people. So many think about it but only few act on it. Personally I don’t think working for someone is a bad thing. What I would consider bad is when that place you are working for is paying you something that can barely take care of you and your family.

    Even if you work for someone you should have assets outside that which brings in passive income. This is very important because you never know what would happen the next day. You should have a side hustle that can help supplement the payments you receive at work and one of the best places for side hustles in the online world.

    Anyone that decides to become an online entrepreneur and takes it seriously should never have freedom or money problems.

    1. Yo whats up Jay, definitely nothing wrong with working for others especially if its doing something you personally enjoy doing. I definitely agree, anyone that’s really serious about making money online will eventually get the success they seek and be able to live how they’ve dreamt, just takes patience and consistency. 

  3. Hi Antonio, 

    It’s nice to meet you. Your about me post reminds me of my experience in searching for means to make money online. It’s a terrible one because I was scammed on a number of occasions and lost money and my precious time into it. My continuous search landed me on a site where I came across affiliate marketing and since then I’ve learnt to avoid scammers. 

    So, I will urge you to continue the good work to help others who are searching for genuine ways to earn money online. 

    1. Hey DerrAd, yep the ‘make money online’ would can be very treacherous especially when starting out, I’m glad I learned when I did, and am able to share with others how to avoid the mistakes myself and others have made. 

      I’ll keep it up, and best of luck to you with affiliate marketing! 

  4. I’m glad you were able to break away from the grind and go after a lifestyle that suited you better. I’m sure you wake up each morning looking forward to the challenges of the day as opposed to dreading another day of work.  I’m attempting to make that transition myself, but not so much in a ‘stop working for someone else’ way. More of a ‘looking forward to a comfortable retirement’ way. Here’s to our future success!

    1. Hey David, It’s great waking up each morning knowing i’m in charge of how I spend my day, and who I spend it with. I can definitely appreciate that goal and i’m sure you’ll have success creating and achieving that goal. All the best!

  5. I absolutely agree that helping other people is a good and welcome thing. Unfortunately, most of us are engaged in salaried employment for someone else’s benefit.There are also exceptions, though, as artists or business owners. It seems to me that creating your own property on the Internet in the form of a web page is a great way of being independent of someone else. And freedom, both in terms of space and time.

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