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Welcome to Sirius Affiliate, where you can learn different ways of making an income online, whether passive or active I provide reviews and info on how to start making money online, and give my opinion on the best affiliate programmes available.

Have you ever felt bored or unfulfilled by your job and wondered what it would be like to be able to make money from the comfort of your own home? Control your own time, and work from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or laptop? Then if so then you and I are very similar. I also found myself in this position about 18 months ago when I used to work at a call center amending gym memberships (exciting I know). One evening after college I was sitting at my work desk, feeling utterly frustrated with how my life was going. I felt that there was so much more I could be doing, and wanted to be doing. But at the same time I was lost and confused as to how I should go about it… ‘Should I feel like this at 20? why does everyone else my age seem so happy and nonchalant about the prospect of working a dreary 9-5 job each day for the rest of their lives?’ was the thought that constantly occupied my mind, and where would I start? These questions did not stop me but instead propelled me to take a risk that has paid off a lot better than I could have EVER expected. I remember that bitter cold, dark winters evening getting up from my desk, packing my things up, shutting the computer down and walking out of the office thinking ‘What the F£ck have I just done?’ and at the same time feeling a huge weight had been taken off my shoulder, leaving me free to explore and follow my dreams.

After some extensive, and admittedly frustrating searching online for different ways of creating an income with little to no money, I came across Wealthy Affiliate and it has changed my life for the better ever since. This is my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review and opinion on whether it can help you create residual income in 2019 and beyond.

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview and Ratings.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 5.0 out of 5.0

Community/Support: 4.6 out of 5.0

Website builder: 4.2 out of 5.0

Research tools: 5.0 out of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.5 out of 5.0

Success Stories: 5.0 out of 5.0

Price: Starter member (free!!) Premium Member £38/mnth or £278 per year)

Sirius Affiliate’s Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0


Wealthy Affiliate Training – Many methods to suit your style.

You will receive training on strategies and techniques that are proven to work. These techniques have worked since the inception of the internet (and even before the internet days) and will continue to work in the future as these are fundamentals of starting any business, whether it’s an online or brick and mortar business. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is updated every day, with new modules being added to the platform all the time that cover a variety of topics from Google SEO, creating YouTube videos, and even drop shipping. This means you have access to a platform that can help you create an online business in an area that you have an interest or knowledge.

There is a simple and clear step-by-step training that includes video tutorials with instructions, and a to-do list of actions to take after each lesson making the information easy to understand. Whether you are new to digital/affiliate marketing, 17 or 80 years old, have a lot of free time or very limited time on your hand’s Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to help take you to success, the best part is it can be done ANYWHERE in the world as all training is online.

Click Here to see for yourself.

There are definitive steps you can take when creating an online business to ensure you know what your goals are and better guarantee your success.

These are:

1. Choosing a Niche

2. Building a site

3. Driving traffic

4. Creating revenue

Each of these steps are broken down into lesson topics and explained in detail to help you get started on your journey. And this material is also available to starter members, so no need to even pay before you start learning and earning!!

The most important step is to choose your niche, ideally, it should be something you are passionate about or have knowledge about. However, this is not always the case as there are some who jump into a niche where they have no interest and still create business turning £6,000 + per month in revenue. For example, one topic I am passionate about is health & nutrition, and this can be focused into a few sub-niches.

1. Vegan Foods & Recipes

2. Eating healthy at UNI.

3. How to source quality whole foods.

4. Caribbean food recipes

5. How to eat healthy on a budget.

These are just 5 directions that I could choose to direct my attention and website too, but there are 1000s even 100,000+ niches that health and nutrition could be broken down into since it is such a complex and debated subject.

Before I continue into any more specific details, if you have ANY questions whilst reading this review, please feel welcome to scroll down to the bottom of this post and comment with your question. I aim to respond to you in 24 hours.

Some training programmes available:

Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 courses, 50 lessons)

Affiliate Bootcamp (7 courses, 70 lessons)

Interactive + LIVE video classes (weekly, and recorded to be re-watched at your convenience)

Video & Text-based tutorials from other members (1000+)

Course, and task-based training.

To get the most in-depth & high-quality training in the industry click here!

Wealthy Affiliate Community – Genuine support from experienced & expert marketers.

The biggest hurdle I had to cross when starting up my online business and was I struggled to get feedback or advice as I didn’t know anyone else in the internet marketing space and all the Facebook groups and pages I joined were filled mainly with spammers or people trying to promote their own schemes.

This was no longer a problem at Wealthy Affiliate, as the community is bursting with marketers that have different levels of experience, the way the site is structured is similar to that of Facebook and is very intuitive to use. The quick chat function is great for reaching out to members if I have any short/quick questions that need answering. There is also an option to post a question with a more detailed explanation behind my problem, or simply to get feedback from others about their experience on the site. In every instance, I’ve found that one or multiple people will answer my questions providing insights I would never have thought of myself, and they will usually answer within 5 minutes! So you can go make yourself a nice coffee whilst you wait or work on something else.

Ways to get help on Wealthy Affiliate:

1. Live chat (get help in seconds from other online members)

2. Comments (comment at the bottom of your current lesson for tips or clarification from other members)

3. Question/post (post a more detailed question, and other members will respond giving you detailed advice for your specific issue at that moment.)

So there is absolutely NO reason for you or myself to ever feel stuck whilst using Wealthy Affiliate, simply because of the willingness of the community to help each other out and push each other to succeed.

Just an example of a newer member sharing one of her first milestones achieved.

Managed WordPress hosting – Ridiculously cheap

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get full access to the WordPress site builder. WordPress is one of the easiest and most accessible site building platforms available, and it comes included with the membership at no extra cost. Hosting is also available with the package, and for what you get there is no other managed hosting company that could come close to the package that is offered at Wealthy Affiliate. If you were to look for the best alternative hosting companies that offer anything comparable, you’ll find that they would cost in excess of £200 per month.

Be successful in any niche with the correct marketing tools.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with all the tools you can ever need to get started with an online business, most importantly the research tools. In digital marketing, as with most other industries, it is essential to be able to do research on your chosen market, and success depends largely on whether you have done the correct market research to implement an effective strategy that creates results. At Wealthy Affiliate you get access to one of the most powerful research tools called ‘Jaaxy’ a keyword search tool that allows you to observe details that may otherwise be impossible to find such as how much traffic is searching for a certain keyword or how many times it is searched on Google per month, what level of competition exists on that term and possible alternatives. The vast amount of information available to you on this platform is truly incredible and gives you more than enough ammunition to feel confident in the battlefield of digital marketing, and rise to success.

Vegas Meet

The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference, an opportunity to hang out with like-minded individuals, brainstorm ideas and projects that are currently in development or planned for future development. You also get to meet the creators of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle & Carson at an all expenses paid conference in Las Vegas for 4 days. You get to meet the most successful members on the platform and exchange stories and ideas. It really is a great experience and is highly recommended… did I mention you get the Skyloft (Penthouse at the MGM Grand), and it’s all expenses paid?!

Wealthy Affiliate review “Sirius Affiliate” final opinion?

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of, if not the best online marketing training packages you could get. In my search for ways to make money online, I had not come across anything as clear, and straightforward as this with such a helpful community of people that are happy and eager to help you reach your success. The ongoing support, the fact that you can actually send a message to Kyle or Carson and they actually respond is also a big plus, and goes to show that everyone is always learning from each other and helping each other.

One thing I must mention is that this is NOT a get rich overnight scheme. It will take some time and patience, but as with anything great, it takes time and patience to develop but once you begin to see success, your mind is the only limit to further success in creating the life you desire.

All in all Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform that I have personally had success from, and I would recommend it to anyone that was determined to make a start in the digital marketing/online business space.


Stay tuned for more reviews of online training courses, tips, and advice for starting an online business, creating passive income and my personal success!

ANY questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment below and share this with your friends and family!!

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  1. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for about six months now, and I reckon that wealthy affiliate is a platform like no other. As you have highlighted, the training on how to choose a niche, build a website around your chosen niche, drive traffic and make revenue is broken down in the best way possible and even beginners are able to learn the affiliate marketing trade and excel in it.Personally, I enjoy the support I get whenever I need help at wealthy affiliate. The community is amazing and I must confess, I have never come across a platform like this, where making me successful is the intention of every member. The feeling is amazing!I recommend anyone thinking about joining to stop thinking and just join. Taking action is what makes the difference.Thank you for this review.

  2. Thanks for shearing your story that lead you to wealthy affiliate, mine is also similar. Having joined wealthy affiliate for like a month now I totally agree with the ratings stated above, Personally the amount of information and interactions I have gotten within the community is amazing, it’s like an online university for building affiliate Marketing businesses, You have to try it out to feel the experience.

  3. That’s a very comprehensive and well-written review. In fact, I came across Wealthy affiliate some months back while I was searching for genuine ways to make money online. Before that, I had wasted time and money on certain get-rich-quick schemes which couldn’t deliver any results. But when I took the Wealthy affiliate free offer, I got to learn the right way to make money online. I’m glad that I joined the platform because I’ve learnt a lot of things besides making money. 

    1. Hey,

      I’m glad you’ve also had a positive experience with WA, it’s definitely added a lot of value to my life and helped me understand the steps I needed to take to make my ideas reality. 

      Have a great 2019!


  4. It makes a change to find something like this online – something that doesn’t promise to make you rich within a week, something you have to build and work at. 

    It’s seems to be a pretty in depth subject, but what’s it like for newcomers? How hard is the education to get to grips with?

    1. Hey Chris,

      It is very straight forward for beginners. When I started I only had the knowledge that I’d learned from watching a few motivation type videos on youtube.

      The first course in the series explains everything a beginner would need to know and more!! Plus there is a live chat where you can ask questions to other more experienced members and get multiple working solutions to your challenges in a few seconds, I’d definitely say it’s beneficial to both beginners, and anyone that already has experience in digital & affiliate marketing. 

      All of the lessons are clear and they build seamlessly on the previous lesson. Plus, there is a video tutorial to go with each lesson. 

  5. My honest opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that it is worth the money for hosting, you can host 25 sites at once and I must admit the training is excellent but I am yet to really make a good income out of this.  I think all this online SEO takes time and persistence, I know you hear a few success stories that happened quickly but the reality is you don’t make money in your first year in most cases.  You have to be patient and keep building bit by bit I find, SEO is difficult and always changing, especially with the powers at Google.

    1. I definitely agree with that, it is a great platform but it definitely does take time to get it off the ground and start making a decent income, however, once the income starts it will continue to rise. So overall I definitely agree that it’s worth the time investment. 

  6. Great Post Thanks for Shearing. i Read your Blog every day.Please write more about this topics.

    1. Hey thanks for your feedback, i’m glad you enjoy the content! 🙂

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